Freifunk Bodensee Camp 2018
Our camp takes place at a beautiful school campus, mostly in the garden area.Lake constance is 3 km away. The next few super markets are very close and there's even a hotel next to the school grounds (Naturata). Überlingen's little hackerspace "see-base" is right next to our event. We will ouse see-base's Internet infrastructure (200/50 Mbit/s - fiber to the garden).
We will have workshops, talks and leisure activities (more on this topic sonn
We will have our "eternal breakfast" with vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options. You should buy your on stuff for barbecue and you can take part in the costs of the pizza ingredients.
The facility is more or less barrier free (some gravel / mowed meadow) and there's a small step at the entrance of the building. If you check "special needs" during check-out, we will prepare some options for you in this regard.
Since this is a school facility, there's a no alcohol policy on the school grounds itself. We are trying to get the neighbours lawn right next to us though. Either way; there will be opportunities for chillaxed evenings.
It's possible to camp in a tent, camper or you could sleep inside the building (with a mat and sleeping bag). We will have electrical power at the camping area.
Your pre-registrations here are very important to us to plan food stuff and camping setup.

The presale period for this event is over.

Campus der Waldorfschule Überlingen

Aug. 9th – 12th, 2018
Begin: 10:00
End: 17:00
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We need to know how many people want to participate in our event.
Participating in our camp is free (yes, really). We will ask for your voluntary participation in the costs during the event though (23 or 42 Euros for example).
We will ask for a name during check out. That name can of course be a pseudonym.



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sleeping inside the building is possible to. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.


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